We are passionate about building brands hence we work closely with client to understand their needs so as to recruit the best talent. We provide the following staff;

Hosts and Hostesses, Exhibition / Tradeshow Assistants, Bilingual / Multi-lingual Services, Promo Models / Promoters, Models, Brand Ambassadors, Sales Staff, Waiters and Waitresses, Bartenders, Event Coordinators, Costume Characters / Mascots, Ticket Girls, Ring Girls, Dowry Bearers, DJs, MCs, Bands, Support Staff

Promo Models or Promoters

We understand what it takes to staff an experiential marketing event hence we generate buzz, capture new audience with our team ready to deliver brand messages so as to build strong connections with consumers. We have promo models for; Brand Activation, Product Sampling, Street Promotion, Flyer Sharing, Concerts, Community Events & many more

Ushering/ Event Coordination

Whatever the event and its capacity might be, we ensure clients desires are well provided for with our exquisite service. This service includes Hosts and Hostesses, Trade shows Assistants, Directional Staff, Booth Girls, Ticket Girls, Dowry Bearers, registration personnel etc.

We cater for different event ranging from Social Events like private Parties, Weddings, Funerals to Corporate Events such as Conferences, Expos, Seminars, Product/Service Launch etc. Our hosts/ hostess will lighten up your event with our welcoming smiles and elegance to ensure that guests are comfortable and well taken care of.


We have a team of DJs, MCs, Musical Bands Costume Characters, Ring girls, and other acts just to add extra flavour to your event. Book our Entertainers for your Corporate, Social, Sports and Private Events.

Others / Support Staff

Our waiters & waitresses are attentive, good communicators, and hospitable. We also have Bartenders, Mixologists available upon request. Our Support Staff services includes renting a Crowd, Renting Bridesmaid for your wedding, Errand Runners, Contract Staff etc.

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